Sun, Feb 14, 2010

Xfce: auto rotate wallpaper without cron

Since Xfce 4.6 I’ve had the wallpaper autorotated on my Xfce desktop with the help of a small script and cron. But after an update of some component (probably libxfconf / xfconf) my script did not work anymore and I got this error if I tried to run the script from a console or via ssh:

Sat, May 3, 2008

Completely hide Xfce’s panels

Even though a Xfce panel is “hidden” (i.e. “Autohide” is enabled) 3 pixels of it is still visible. But there is an easy way to hide it completely (Requires Xfwm4’s compositor to be enabled): Right click on the panel you want to hide, select “Customize panel” Set “Transparency” to 100% Click “Make active panel opaque” The 3 pixels are now 100% transparent, but when the mouse cursor moves over the panel, the panel becomes opaque.